Helping Utilities Manage Effectively

Tools, Resources, and Data provided for free by experienced professionals passionate about Utility Management

What We Do

Provide you with the tools, literature, and data that you need to effectively manage your utility


We have tools that can help you with every facet of utility management ranging from spreadsheets to collect asset information to capital portfolio management. We also provide information and guidance on different software packages that are out there that serve the full spectrum of needs when managing a utility


We have all kinds of useful documents that will help you be a more effective Utility Manager including: templates, guides, examples of what other utilities do, maintenance manuals, asset management plants, business cases, you name it we have it


Through the work of our experienced professionals we have collected a bunch of data that you can leverage to understand how your utility compares against others

Areas of Interest

Utility Management covers a wide variety of topics, here are some of the ones we get most questions about

Computeratized Maintenance Management Systems

Risk/Criticality Analysis

Resiliency Planning

Asset Management Maturity Assessment

Capital Portfolio Management

O&M Resource Planning

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